The Stone Roses – Waterfall (Justin Robertson Remix)

Yep, the summer has finally arrived and though it may only have scratched the late celsius teens most white skinned males from around these parts has gone topless and about (in roughly 12 minutes) to attain a fine red wine colouring. At these times I tend to drop my musical guard and have been known on occasion to wobble incoherently in time with tunes that normally make my ears bleed. So there I was eagerly stripping above the waist in the cloudy sunshine when one of the my favourite songs ever hoved into view all remixed up and sounding quite groovy. It is taken from the generally lacklustre album of remixes of Stone Roses tunes from 2000, which to its credit stuck to the Silvertone end of things. Of all the songs from their faultless debut ‘Waterfall’ seems to have become the most remixable and you may have already read my gushing praise for Sam Flanagan’s stellar mash-up ‘Water Lily‘. Now, pass me the heat balm I’m bleedin’ melting here. KD

The Stone Roses – Waterfall (Justin Robertson Remix)

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Year: 2000

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  1. May 30, 2010

    … for the ecstasy of all who may have witnessed the sun setting on the isles of the Antipodes, the archipelagos of central America and the atolls of the Pacific… may this piece of music be uploaded again…? *_*

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