Bakers At Dawn – Hopeful

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Been awake since 4am, always happens after too much grog, fast easy sleep followed by insomnia. Lie there in constant twisty turny mode until I realise it’s getting bright outside and I’d be better served catching up on some new music. Not the loud stuff though, something soft and uncomplicated but with the essence of genuine talent. This morning Bakers at Dawn feels like the perfect fit, lo-fi recordings in an acoustic setting with handcrafted melodies. Malmo based Marcus Sjoland is the engine and his cut and paste retrospective is out now on Series Two Records. Budget didn’t allow for production sheen but songs this good always sounds better without superfluous framing. Sjoland put it perfectly when he said he wanted his music to sound either like a cold rock wrapped up in a warm blanket, or a warm blanket wrapped around a cold rock. You see, ideal listening for someone in need of Z’s who lacks the wise to catch them. KD

Bakers At Dawn – Hopeful

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Year: 2008

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