Ultra Vivid Scene – Special One

It took a post from Matt and a quick search of the archives for me to realise that I’ve been very remiss in not posting anything about Ultra Vivid Scene despite my gra for them/him. I got into UVS through MTV’s ‘120 Minutes‘ (now that was a show) when I stumbled upon the fade out to ‘Special One’. I was entranced and ran to the library to investigate (hey this was the early 90’s, see how easy you have it kids). Ultra Vivid Scene was essentially Kurt Ralske but he was joined on the bar stool by Kim Deal (Pixies, Breeders) for this pure nugget of indie pop. Like all gems ‘Special One’ is simple and instantly memorable. It would have set so comfortably in 4AD’s roster as the label was at the forefront of all things ethereal and vibrant at the time. Ultra Vivid Scene only produced 3 albums but Ralske has since redefined himself as a highly regarded visual artist. KD

Ultra Vivid Scene – Special One

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Year: 1990

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