Women – Black Rice

The Beach Boys, Cosmic Rough Riders and now Women, yep at last we have a beautifully formed hat-trick of bands with which to soak up anything the summer can throw at us. ‘Black Rice’ is undeniably retro but so honed with ripe melody it ends up with no black marks. Inextricably linked with Chad VanGaalen (he was involved in the recording) the Canadian 4 piece are due to release their eponymous debut in July. And ‘Black Rice’ is a tasty primer, ointment to the ears of Shins fans and with an easy charm that gives it a pleasing feeling of spontaneity. If it tickles your fancy there is another freebie ready for download from the bands website. Is this what Jim O’Rourke was on about when he sang about women of the world? KD

Women – Black Rice

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Year: 2008

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