Faces On Film – Archers

It may feel a bit stretched at almost 6 minutes but for the most part ‘Archers’ is a rollercoaster ride of indie rock thrills. So while you may have heard the best bits within the first 30 seconds the unshakable swagger means the thrills are maintained pretty much throughout. These Bostonians have been knocking around since 2004, have already dropped an EP (‘Seven Sisters’) but their debut album ‘The Troubles’ promises to finally ignite widespread interest. Led by Mike Fiore Faces on Film certainly don’t make it easy for us as there is very little in the way of bio to be found. Makes it all the more mysterious I guess and a couple of minutes in the presence of ‘Archers’ should have you waxing at the ears for more. KD

Faces On Film – Archers

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Year: 2008

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