Ancient Free Gardeners – Innards Out

Melbourne may be far away but bands like Ancient Free Gardeners make it feel like it’s only down the road. A strange thing to write you might have thought but Ancient Free Gardeners produce a peculiarly western European sound. If I was to go out on a limb I’d say that they most remind me of I Am Kloot. James Milsom vocals are fairly unique; slightly hoarse they regularly emit a pleasing warmth that’s not entirely evident initially. The instrumentation holds its nerve expertly breaking into free flowing melody precisely when the mood set by the vocals dictate. The bands new single ‘Innards Out’ is a gem, a cunning piece of craft that will grow on you with the stealth of creeping damp on a winter outhouse. It may work in slow-mo but press your hand against your heart and listen to that raging pitter-patter. Check out the bands website for lots of other free goodies. KD

Ancient Free Gardeners – Innards Out

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Year: 2008

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