Hearts Of Palm UK – People And Logistics

It helps when you have an electric (or at least one that is prone to non-fatal electrocution) front woman, makes the job of selling the rest of the band a good deal easier. The fact that all 3 of your band are attractive on the eye is also a plus, and when you combine this with a natural tendency to record songs that could have appeared in the eighties you almost have a license to print money. The 80’s electroplasm of ‘People And Logistics’ bears more than a passing resemblance to Strawberry Switchblade, a comparison HOPUK will surely be exploiting when their album ‘For Life’ drops in the Autumn. And the funny thing is that it’s not all that remarkable, just a pleasant background noise that never seems to sound any less nice every time you visit. The mark of a goodie in my opinion and one that might charm daytime radio. These ladies could have hit on a neat formula. KD

Hearts Of Palm UK – People And Logistics

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Year: 2008

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