Immovable Objects – James Trent

This is not really post-rock although it could quite easily be shelved in that particular genre. For me ‘James Trent’ comes from further back before Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky took the rock instrumental and made it into an artform. ‘James Trent’ could have come with or without an ethereal female vocal but it chose the former, its beauty makes it impossible to be critical of this decision. Matt Gagin is Immovable Objects only constant, he plugs in the guitars and weaves his magic aura over the base materials until a slipstream of luscious dreamgaze bursts forth. And there are 9 other tracks of similar distraction to be found on his inspirational debut ‘hoping it stays just this broken’. His music remains relatively undiscovered lying in wait to sweep you off your feet. KD

Immovable Objects – James Trent

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Year: 2007

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