Marching Band – Travel In Time

Linköping may sound like the coolest networking site yet to be invented but it is also the hometown of Marching Band’s Jacob Lind and Erik Sunbring. Sweden has a peculiar knack of unearthing precious indie pop outfits (c’mon Canada, get out of hibernation) and Marching Band are rapidly rising to the top of the pile. The main reason being their stunning new album ‘Spark Large’ which I was initially remiss in ignoring but was I was thankfully woken from my slumber by another blogger whose judgment I trust. The last Swedish release to give me this much pleasure was from Loney, Dear (that line should get me some interesting search engine traffic). ‘Spark Large’ is a boisterous homemade effort with the collective wit and imagination of a hundred indie bands. ‘Travel In Time’ is an absolute knockout, a song swollen with glee and including a chorus so nutritious and life affirming you’ll hardly have to water the plants for a week afterwards. Sunbring, even in an Irish summer. KD

Marching Band – Travel In Time

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Year: 2008

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  1. July 18, 2008

    “(c’mon Canada, get out of hibernation)”yeah CANADA.

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