Starfucker – German Love

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Sunday evenings are even crueller when they arrive in the wake of a period of time off. The normal shudder becomes a numbing bodyshock and little if anything can rid one of the impending doom. A gentle audio relaxative works well for me and at just under 4 hours till bedtime Starfucker’s ‘German Love’ is performing an impressive job. Built on the simplest of premises it nonetheless temporarily sweeps all thoughts of the upcoming 9-5 horrors into a brain blindspot. The Portland trio’s eponymous debut won’t be out until September but if ‘German Love’ is an accurate snippet of things to come it should make for a really swell release. You may not even hear the handclaps enclosed such will be your own joyful palm fleshing. This is indie pop at its purest. KD

Starfucker – German Love

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Year: 2008

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