Blake/e/e/e – New Millennium's Lack Of Self Explanation

Do you like your long players to be cosily consistent? Nah, me neither. That’s why the hop, skip and jump nature of Blake/e/e/e’s (ah for feck’s sake, here’s to playing havoc with googlers the world over) debut ‘Border Radio’ is currently smoking up my hard drive. You see it is very difficult to pin down the blackguards, one minute they are introspective and thoughtful the next they are bursting out the traps like a highly-strung greyhound. Evidence of the dichotomy is particularly evident on the schizophrenic ‘New Millennium’s Lack Of Self Explanation’. Now here’s a tune to wet your experimental hoarding receptors, a song that could only exist in a post Arcade Fire meltdown. Franklin Delano were an Italian act and two thirds of the ashes now make up the Chicago based Blake/e/e/e, seems that place just got a whole lot breezier. KD

Blake/e/e/e – New Millennium’s Lack Of Self Explanation

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Year: 2008

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