Abe Vigoda – Dead City/Waste Wilderness

Earlier in the week I worked myself into a tizzy with the chaotic but wholesome noise that the Gang tend to make. More noise again, this time from L.A.’s Abe Vigoda (the name of an American actor) and I’m glad to say it will be no less commandeering on your ears. It’s the sort of sound you’d expect to hear from a plastic bag flapping in the wind were it to get its shabby handles on some instruments. Namely it is wild and unfettered and prone to nonsensical but praise worthy bouts of abandonment. Forget about choruses, a beginning, middle or end, just take off your clothes (no, not even that Tunick) and breath in that sense of liberation to the sweet audio of ‘Dead City/Waste Wilderness’. This is what it is all about. KD

Abe Vigoda – Dead City/Waste Wilderness

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Year: 2008

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