The Radio – Go Radio

Quite how someone from Rollerskate Skinny found themselves involved in an exuberant indie pop act remains a mystery but that’s where you’ll find Stevie M stationed. Not that I’m complaining because the Radio are a breath of fresh air in the generally staid Irish music scene. ‘Go Radio’ could almost be the Go! Team (without the samples) such is its sunny disposition; the formula is deliciously simple and about as infectious as a virulent strain of Ebola. The tune is taken from last year’s ‘Charm Offensive’, which seemed to slip by almost unnoticed which given the dearth of interesting matter emanating from the capital is quite criminal. Things have been very quite for the Radio of late but they are due to appear at Electric Picnic next month, albeit at the rather uninviting time of 12.30 on Sunday afternoon. KD

The Radio – Go Radio

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Year: 2007

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