Lanterns On The Lake – If I Have Been Unkind

‘The CD comes with some lovely handmade packaging’ – so goes the call to arms from Newcastle’s finest Lanterns On The Lakes. And you’d have to have a particularly stony heart to turn down the offer given a cursory listen to their heartfelt music. We’ve fallen for them before but their new ‘Starlight’ EP raises the bar considerably. The 6-piece create a lush sound, resplendent with folky voices and warm instrumentation. The effect is shiver inducing, inspiring and at various point downright moving. Whether it’s the sort of soundtrack the folks on the Tyne need right now given the Keegan theatrics is open to question but songs such as ‘If I Have Been Unkind’ remind us why we got into discovering new sounds in the first place. These particular lanterns burn so brightly they may soon be lighting up the night sky KD

Lanterns On The Lake – If I Have Been Unkind

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Year: 2008

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