A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Sometimes I Think About You

Ok, after much brow beating and endless reruns I think I’ve think I’ve finally decided on my favourite A Sunny Day In Glasgow track. The Philadelphia act have been top of my agenda ever since their weirdly titled debut album hoved into view. They played Dublin recently to an incredibly unresponsive audience and my heart sank but then a couple of listens of ‘Scribble Mural Comic Journal’ fixed all the damage. A Sunny Day In Glasgow are a gathering of siblings and a couple of others who usher us back to the days of dreampop and shoegaze while still retaining a complete sense of their own identity. They are currently working on their sophomore and if they can summon the noise gods to make anything approaching the greatness of ‘Sometimes I Think About You’ I will be a moshing audience of one (if it comes to that) the next time they visit our neck of the woods. Sublime. KD

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Sometimes I Think About You

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Year: 2007

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