David Holmes – I Heard Wonders

Is that a real bass tug or have the electronics progressed to the extent that traditional instruments have merely taken on the role of looking good while held by skinny chested young things? Who knows and ultimately who cares when whizzkids like David Holmes continue to peddle IDM torch bearers like ‘I Heard Wonders’. Even if his name means nothing to you it’s quite likely you’ve googled his tunes after picking up on at least one of his soundtrack escapades. Holmes has been at this game for a long time and his Shake Yer Brain club in Belfast inspired Orbital to write one of their most famous opuses about the city. The man gets away with relative anonymity yet his name is constantly spilling from the lips of Hollywood soundtrack compilers. But how can you be jealous when it only takes a single spin of ‘I Heard Wonders’ to have believing you’ve heard the dance track of the year. His latest LP ‘The Holy Pictures’ is out now, throw out the Wii and exercise to this instead. KD

David Holmes – I Heard Wonders

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Year: 2008

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  1. Goatboy
    October 2, 2008

    Spiritualized, anyone?

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