Indiecater Vol. 3

Indiecater (the label if you don’t mind!) is a mere 4 months old but we’ve still racked up 5 releases, the latest of which was hatched last night and is titled Indiecater Volume 3 (always a fan of consistency me). This is our 3rd compilation and it features 10 bands from all over the world (just noticed earlier there has yet to be a band from England, a bit odd). It was moulded like a mixtape and it is meant to have a kind of progression that becomes obvious as the tape unwinds. Whether it does or not is open to question but like all the best mixtapes you can quite easily take a track from Volume 3 for a compilation you can make at home yourself. As ever these 10 songs have been hand-picked so in our eyes at least there is no filler. The contributing artists will benefit from every sale so when you buy you can be assured not only of quality sounds but also the guarantee that your money will be going straight back to source. Here is a premier example of the fare on offer from Portland’s Starfucker. Get Indiecater Volume 3 here and close the curtains on another rainy day. KD

Starfucker – German Love

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Year: 2008

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