La Strada – Starling

It’s 5am and rather than risk injury from excessive twisting and turning I’ve decided to dedicate my extra waking hours to Brooklyn band La Strada. And all I’ve got to play with is a single track from their forthcoming self-titled EP. Lucky then that ‘Starling’ is a lavishly endowed piece of creativity. In fact if I didn’t know better I would have said that the tune was in fact several, meandering be thy name oh sweeping starling. But, for all their corrupt attention to verse-chorus-verse detail this particular septet do know their way around the forensics of what makes an addictive listen. ‘Starling’ weaves an illuminating shawl of contrasting styles, one minute it’s pulling a Pas/Cal like harmony, the next it’s playing a headline tour with Beirut before it eventually decides it would be pretty cool to be the next I’m From Barcelona. As you can imagine with such diversity it may take you a bit to join the dots but there’s plenty of time before the rest of what should an irresistible EP arrives in January. KD

La Strada – Starling

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2009 (!)

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