Percolator – Lead Salad

Fresh out of the pot and certain to brew up a storm are a brand new trio called Percolator. Led by Ian Chestnutt details on the Waterford outfit are a bit sketchy but for the moment we have the Sonic Youth bluster of ‘Lead Salad’ to keep us drooling for more. Intriguingly the song starts out sounding like ‘You Made Me Realise’ but slowly slips into something a bit more ear friendly. Chestnutt’s slick indie-boy vocals are ably backed up by some of the sweetest low-slung instrumentation you’ll hear all 2008. It adds up to an auspicious start for the young band, if they can build on this we could be witnessing the emergence of something great. Cheers to Peter for the heads up. KD

Percolator – Lead Salad

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Year: 2008

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