Tears Run Rings – Run Run Run

If you look to the right of this page you’ll see a list of huggable labels and one of the links points to Shelflife Records run by 2 quarters of this band Tears Run Rings. If you were seeking an outfit that was rigid in their adherence of the shoegaze aesthetic then Tears Run Rings would probably be a perfect fit. Their gift however is that their portrayal sounds fresh and exciting and doesn’t have you clambering for the dusty vinyl of ‘Just For A Day’. At times their debut LP ‘Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never’ is close to exhilarating like on ‘Run Run Run’ with its searing guitars, J&MC vocals and heavy duty drumming. Play this at dangerously high decibels in a dingy Friday night venue and people could start believing they’re hearing the future. I want to start a record label. KD

Tears Run Rings – Run Run Run

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Year: 2008

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