Chairlift – Bruises

In a fortnight or so this site will be listing its Top 42 songs of the year. It’ll be our third and I must say I always look forward to the annual trawl through the archives. At this stage you’d think the list would be more or less complete but then songs like ‘Bruises’ come along and instigate a revision. It comes via Chairlift (perfect name) who are based in the centre of the indie rock universe (at this moment in time anyway) Brooklyn. The song and the band have been catapulted to fame already courtesy of a music player advert and we gotta hand it to that particular marketing department for they sure do know a catchy number when they hear it. Chairlift’s debut album ‘Does You Inspire You’ was released in September and ‘Bruises’ should provide the necessary attention for a band who originally set out to play live music in haunted houses. One of the songs of the year no doubt. KD

Chairlift – Bruises

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Year: 2008

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