Cut Off Your Hands – Happy As Can Be

What a ripe sugarplum of a song. I mean have your heard any other song in indiedom this year that is so euphoric, so irresistible, so jump up and down happy as ‘Happy As Can Be’? It also sounds a bit Christmassy too so given the time of year that’s in it it seems even more delicious. Cut Off Your Hands are from Auckland, are mostly based in the U.K. and now find themselves signed to NY label Frenchkiss Records who released their ‘Happy As Can Be’ EP last month (their debut album ‘You and I’ has already been released in the southern hemisphere but will be introduced oop North in early 2009). And what an introduction it turns out to be. The band cite Phil Spector as an influence and the wall of melodic sound they create is certainly comparable in its magnetic power. This’ll sweep you off your feet from the getgo, returning your shaking torso a couple of minutes later after what may have felt like an celestial encounter. Heavenly in other words. KD

Cut Off Your Hands – Happy As Can Be

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Year: 2008

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