Stroik – In The Fresh

Oh the beauty of the internet. An email arrives in my inbox wearing only a link to a myspace in which the party in question has the sum total of one friend. Not much to go on so some careful email probing reveals that Stroik is actually Dru Walker from Las Vegas. And he’s a prolific sorta chap, he claims to write a new tune every day and by the looks of his volumious freebie catalogue of tunes it’s hard to argue. He thinks that most bands being blogged today are overhyped and not very good. And he’s probably right and if it makes him feel a bit better I’d like to say that this is better than good. Ok, it is undernourished from a production point of view but it possesses a certain fizz that we don’t come across too often. I’d go so far as to say that ‘In The Fresh’ could be quite niftily used in an advert for comfy shoes or colourful umbrellas such is its vibrant disposition. Let the hype begin. KD

Stroik – In The Fresh

More Info: Official
Year: 2008

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