The City and Horses – I Love The Girls

At this stage Brooklyn can probably be crowned the centre of the indie universe. It was a remarkable year for the borough (a quick search on mp3hugger alone will prove that) as each new week brought forth exciting newbies (the way Canada used to). The City and Horses come from that neck of the woods and although they’re not exactly new they have just released their charming debut LP. ‘I Don’t Want To Dream’ contains a batch of easy going gems. Putting it another way it is ideal listening for watching things gently falling to earth, be it snow, dandelion seeds, autumnal leaves or for that matter stock markets. In essence it’s a year round pleasure, a gentle stroll that’ll bring some order to your chaotic life. Take ‘I Love The Girls’ for example and realise that life’s simple pleasures has a brand new addition. KD

The City and Horses – I Love The Girls

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Year: 2008

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