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What a really odd one for Irish indie releases. For the first part of 2008 it was an absolute wasteland but something happened around September when suddenly there was goodness seeping from the bog dale every couple of days. You’ve probably guessed my favourites from reading this blog throughout the year but I’d like to put it on the record that my top Irish records of 2008 came from (in no particular order): Burning Codes, The Gorgeous Colours, The Dying Seconds, Dublin Duck Dispensary, The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Armoured Bear, Michael Knight and Fred. Now it’s your chance to vote on your favourite Irish records of the year via 2 online polls. Nialler9 is doing a catch all thingy which lets you vote for albums, EP’s or just songs so it should act as a nice document of where we’re at in 2008. Andy over at the Clare People is also looking for your favourite Irish music of the year but has cleverly included some mythical prizes to make it worth your while. Seems a band called Drugszilla are leading the way there (nope, me neither, wait, I lie, they’re from Lisdoon, my holy jaysus) so it’s time to redress the balance. While you decide here is a track from Wicklow act Sunken Foal (taken from their album ‘Fallen Arches’), a curious yet hypnotic addition to the great new music coming out of this country. KD

Sunken Foal – On Platinum Rays

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Year: 2008

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