Sunset – The World Is Awaiting

He may have created a brand new nomenclature given the rapidity of his floating array of monikers but it seems mister Baird has finally settled on Sunset (thankfully shorn of the brackets) and now there’s nothing to distract us from the music he (and his band) makes. And when he hits the spot there’s very little that can match him in indiedom, take this little beauty for example from Sunset’s latest LP ‘The Glowing City’. ‘The World Is Awaiting’ is awash with moving parts but they move with such precision the whole event is a monument to audio engineering. At its epicentre are the thunderous beats, which create a neat opposite to Baird’s softly dispatched vocals. And the good news is that it gets even better on the forthcoming double A-side (pre-order the 7″ vinyl here) which consists of 2 brand new dreamy numbers. Sunset could be about to embark on a bright new dawn. KD

Sunset – The World Is Awaiting

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Year: 2008

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