The Music Tapes – Majesty

Feeling very flubbly today. Not sure what that means but it’s certainly what came into my head as I dizzily awoke from another bout of overindulgence this morning. It all ends in a couple of days so while I drag my carcass sluggishly about indoors the Music Tapes are tending to my malfunctioning mind. Featuring Julian Koster and a gallery of instruments that have, in most cases, been long since been put out to pasture (including his beloved singing saw) his ‘Music Tapes For Clouds And Tornadoes’ is unlike anything else released in 2008. And even more pleasurable than the near shambolic nature of the music is Koster’s wasted vocals, which seals the deal on a dizzying record. The Music Tapes also have a Christmas album, but that will have to wait until next December when once again bodies and temperaments will be put through the ringer. KD

The Music Tapes – Majesty

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Year: 2008

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  1. January 2, 2009

    ooh like this. and happy new year mr hugger sir!

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