Cymbals Eat Guitars – The Living North

Here is a tip, New Yorkers Cymbals Eat Guitars to make it huge before this decade is out. How do I know you might ask? Well, I’ve heard the future and it’s called ‘Why There Are Mountains’, the bands epic debut album. Think ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’ with guitars, as much invention and thrice as much passion. Yep, it really is something and much can be attributed to the ravaging intensity and songwriting craft of Joseph D’Agostino. I’ve spent some time talking to him about the record and his enthusiasm for his project is unshakeable. This confidence is well placed however because ‘Why There Are Mountains’ is scattered with gems. An early version of ‘Share’ appeared on our first compilation so we’ve be aware of what they’re capable for a while but nothing could prepare us for the genius of tracks like ‘The Living North’. This year’s ‘Microcastle’ I hear you shout in unison. KD

Cymbals Eat Guitars – The Living North

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Year: 2009

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