Throcke – Matriculate Yo

Back in mid 1990’s I happened across an electronic compilation called the Trans Siberian Express, which I liked a great deal. It was made up of mostly unknown twiddlers, although on mature recollection I think Aphex Twin was in there somewhere. If such compilations were still doing the rounds (they could be I suppose, I haven’t checked) these 2 tunes would be absolute bankers. There is giddiness at work that I just adore. In truth nothing too substantial happens but they play like those non-single tracks in Orbital’s mid-career albums used to, background music to lighten the load of the daily slog. Throcke is Brooklyn based Chris Carson who is giving his album (the fabulously titled) ‘Sometimes Not Unpointful’ away for free. It is an auspicious introduction and I for one can’t wait for Throcke’s next move. KD

Throcke – Matriculate Yo

Throcke – Yes, Inform

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Year: 2008

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  1. February 4, 2009

    speaking of giddy electro, storkboy is now posting on my site if you wanna knock over and say hello!

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