The Very Most – April Is The Kindest Month

It had to happen sometime. Our indiecater label has been on the go for over 6 months but we’ve yet to put out something that we could truly call our own. Well, we’ve set the record (!) straight with the release of the Very Most’s ‘Spring‘ EP. We can’t think of a better band with which to announce ourselves as a purveyor of fresh new music. We’ve been fans of the Idaho band ever since we clasped ears on the sweet melodies that flowed from their sophomore ‘Congratulations Forever‘. Getting to work with them was initially a grand aspiration but as indiecater started to sprout roots it slowly became a reality. The ‘Spring’ EP is part 1 of a 4 part series entitled ‘A Year With The Very Most’. Each seasonally adjusted digital release will have a quartet of melodious gems and will retail for a pocket friendly €2.50. We’re even giving a track away for free. And what a honeycombed piece of audio ‘April Is The Kindest Month’ is. So even though the recession might be bringing us all back down to earth the Very Most will be endeavouring to keep our heads firmly positioned in the silver lined clouds. Special thanks to Jedrzej for his photos which adorn the EP’s artwork. KD

The Very Most – April Is The Kindest Month

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Year: 2009

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