Shout Out Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships

Shout Out Out Out Out’s new record is in in in in the shops tomorrow. And I for one am glad to have spent some time in its company. I have a past you see that involved much adoration of the dark dancey forces. It started with Underworld, Orbital and the Aphex Twin and for a while trance really took hold (I make no apologies, ‘Madagascar’ rocked my world). I quickly learned that the dance fraternity are a snobbish lot (much like ourselves in some respects) and that IDM is where it is at for them. Anyway, if I was to categorise this Edmonton lot that’s where I’d put them because you don’t have to be on something to be whisked to a higher state of consciousness when their deep layered synth’s kick in. The new album ‘Reintegration Time’ tips its hat to Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, several 80’s electro popsters and Josh Wink (eeek) but I can’t help feeling that 2009 is going to be the year where they blaze their own trail. Quite simply tracks ‘Guilt Trips Sink Ships’ just give me tickly neck hairs and I really wish I hadn’t turned my ankle at football yesterday so I could move to it. Not to stretch something that was probably a poorly executed idea in the first place but this is truly great great great great. KD

Shout Out Out Out Out – Guilt Trips Sink Ships

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Year: 2009

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