Slowdive – In Mind

Oh I’m really getting nostalgic now. Whenever you see Slowdive appearing on mp3hugger you can be assured that I’m in rose tinted mode. That said, to me at least Slowdive still sound like the most delicious combo imaginable. I never listen to ‘Pygmalion’ (I mean what happened there?) but if I counted up the number of hours I’ve stared at the cover of ‘Souvlaki’ and dreamed about being in the band it could run into dozens. ‘In Mind’ is not really typical Slowdive shoegaze fare but it still boasts the highest calibre dreampop. It arrived via their 1993’s 5EP and didn’t appear on any of their albums. The beats are scattered and the organ drifts enigmatically but as ever Rachel Goswell’s vocals transcend the off-kilter music. Music like this makes me sad and euphoric all at once. KD

Slowdive – In Mind

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Year: 1993

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