Cheval Sombre – Little Bit Of Heaven

Oh what a blissful set of lazer guided melodies on this one. Not that we should be too surprised given the personnel involved. Sombre recorded his self-titled LP in New York with guiding interjections from Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum), Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham (Luna) which resulted in those customary psychedelic meanderings. The album will be set free early next week and is a godsend for those pining for the lazy hazy days of late summer. Listen in and just feel the wrinkles on your brow iron themselves out of existence through the oasis of calm. ‘Little Bit Of Heaven’ is just irresistible, a harem of exotic noises topped off by Sombre’s softly coaxing vocals. I’m sure I’m missing out by not being able to inhale. KD

Cheval Sombre – Little Bit Of Heaven

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Year: 2009

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