Hyperpotamus – A Melancholy Hyppo

The voice eh, where would we be without it? Music for one thing would be diminished. But, what if the music you listened to consisted of vocals alone? You probably wouldn’t call it music at all I’d wager, that’s unless you hadn’t heard of Hyperpotamus of course. He is a Madrid artist who went acappella after getting fed up with the same old band/label/instrument merry-go-round. Good decision it seems given that the short ‘A Melancholy Hyppo’ leaves such an indelible impression. There are a sprinkling of the lads live performances on his myspace which are both eerie and transcendent. There may be acappella like this doing the rounds the length and breath of the continent but to these naïve ears this is something fresh and original. Hyperpotamus’ self released debut ‘Largo Bailón’ is out now. KD

Hyperpotamus – A Melancholy Hyppo

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Year: 2009

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