Robyn G Sheils – Playing Host To Ideas

Derry’s Robyn G Sheils is a virtual unknown down here, which is surprising given our never ending propensity to fall for one man troupes. The rub of course is that Sheils is a vastly more interesting prospect than your average acoustic guitar-tooting wet blanket. Sheils’ musical ideas are cleverly simple and they are bolstered by cerebral lyrics. So tunes like ‘Playing Host To Ideas’, which may initially come across as pedestrian, soon develop their own likeable personality. This song is taken from 2005’s ‘A Lifetime Of Midnights’ and features some minimal female vocals which might go undetected until you unravel the sideshows in the shadows. Shiels next record is an EP called ‘The Great Depression’ which will be released on Belfast’s Only Gone Records. KD

Robyn G Sheils – Playing Host To Ideas

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Year: 2005

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