The Botticellis – Awaiting On You All

The thing that really left an impression on me was how both the Bottecellis and their label thanked me for doing a small review about their debut album ‘Old Home Movies’. It’s the little things that really make a music blogger’s day. When I think about it a bit more though I probably would’ve been partial to the Bottecellis even if they’d turned out like the Boxcutters front man such is their rampant 60’s powerpop sensibilities. I mean how could anyone with a set of functioning ears not be swept away by the surfed up melodies of ‘Awaiting On You All’. The song was written by George Harrison but I’m sure even he would have been impressed with cascading harmonies and jaunty chords. KD

The Botticellis – Awaiting On You All

Watch The Video Stay With My Brother

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Year: 2008

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