The Low Lows – Sparrows

Hooray for distorted guitars weaving impolite patterns and vocals from a frostbitten hell. Hooray for the Low Lows and their non-conforming ways. Now ‘Sparrows’ will probably only appeal to about 10% of you reading this but what an intelligent person I’ve always known you were. It was the opening track from last year’s ‘Shining Violence’ and features Parker Noon’s crestfallen whine. It’s a fine whine, the complex intensity is finely balanced by the dry acidity. As if Sparklehorse had lost his sparkle and traded in his horse for a dusty mule. In other words it’s a ravaging shult to planet leftfield where the guns are forever trained on MOR. KD

The Low Lows – Sparrows

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Year: 2008

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