A-ha – The Sun Always Shines On TV

Coming as it did in the wake of the untouchable ‘Take On Me’ ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ felt like a bit of a let down. That said it has attained a certain gravitas with age and listening in now almost 25 years later it really sounds wonderful. The plain facts are that A-ha and their music have worn very well, so much so that it’s hardly surprising that their 9th album ‘Foot Of The Mountain’ was released only last month. The trio can thank their lucky stars that that they put their faith in the emerging media of video because without their lavish promo’s it is unlikely that they would have reached such a global audience. ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ is an awkward piece of pop, never really settling into its groove but the positives are many. Morten Harket got to showcase his incredible range with a limited tune and the electro movements filled in the gaps with graceful ingenuity. All in all it’s great to see them back, popstars in the true sense of the word. KD

A-ha – The Sun Always Shines On TV

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Year: 1985

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