Mojave 3 – Kill The Lights

Damn, I’d forgotten how fantastic Mojave 3’s last album was. Imagine ‘Puzzles Like You’ is a full 3 years old at this stage and it still sound utterly luminous. It highlighted the bands new feel for jaunty tuneage that was so often missing from their, admittedly ravishing, longtime hankering for countrified pop. ‘Kill The Lights’ was a leading figure in their rise to the powerpop throne; along with the standout track ‘Breaking The Ice’. Remember that Mojave 3 had risen from the shadows of Slowdive, remarkable noise merchants who could never have been accused of loitering too long in the company of the dentist’s supply of laughing gas. ‘Kill The Lights’ pulls out all the stops and the result is an irresistible bundle of joy. Adopt it now. KD

Mojave 3 – Kill The Lights

Watch The Video To Breaking The Ice

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Year: 2006

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