Damien* – Confidants

Oh wow, type in Damien in google and up pops the Irish broadband evangelist Damien Mulley. Hardly the reason Pesaro band Damien* appended that wildcard symbol but one never knows where Mulley is going to pop up next so best to be sure. As it turns out our Italian friends are a quite splendid proposition, take a listen to ‘Confidants’ and hear for yourself. This is the sort of tuneage that was rocking my world back in the 1990’s yet for it its relic like scaffolding ‘Confidants’ also carries a contemporary swagger. There are also some neat jangling asides, which take the edge off the heavier elements. The band’s new album ‘Crippled Cute’ is out next month on Suiteside so expect them to forge a whole new identity for themselves and in the process climb to the top of the search engine rankings. KD

Damien* – Confidants

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Year: 2009

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