The Telescopes – The Perfect Needle

Ye olde music blogger is bound to return to the time when music started to mean more than Larry Gogan’s Sunday afternoon run down of the Irish Top 30. It was there that he fell for obscure acts at track 15 on tapes that were wedged into the far recesses of metal bargain bins. Fingernails counted for nothing when there was a copy of ‘George Best’ to be snapped up for £1.99. Hardly mattered that the cover was smashed in 10 different places and the swing action on the plastic hinges failed most of the time. Back then the thrill was in hearing tracks like ‘The Perfect Needle’ for the first time and then trying to find someone who loved it as much I did. Turned out to be a solitary existence except for the times when I talked up liking Axl in front of other people. Inside heroes like Stephen Lawrie roved my being in a blissful state of subconsciousness. Those were the days. KD

The Telescopes – The Perfect Needle

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Year: 1989

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