Norse Horse – Swamp Trotter

Not sure quite how some indie music making folks get it on with the opposite sex given the amount of time they spend in their bedrooms twiddling with their computers and laying down chords. That said long may they cluster in the dusty half light if it means pale beings like Ryan Beal (aka Norse Horse) continue to conjure underground magic of this ilk. Norse Horse has some very obvious reference points but his exhaustive repeating electronica and vocals hovering like winter fog does more than enough to distinguish itself from the maddening. ‘Swamp Trotter’ is from his new CDR (and cassette, respect) ‘Secret Geographies’ which is selling for pennies from Family Time Records. The tune travels at a slow canter, hardly moving from its original declaration yet it never feels worn. This norse horse will surely stay the course. KD

Norse Horse – Swamp Trotter

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Year: 2009

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