Oppenheimer – Only Goal & Winner

The shutter comes down on mp3hugger for 24 hours as another weekend of international football is upon us. This time Ireland face the Italians who only need a point to qualify, a win for us would have them sweating a little in the last round of games next Wednesday (Cyprus you owe us dear). Croker will be full as will most of the supporters given that today is Saturday, kick off is not until 8pm and there is a German beer festival in full swing in the city centre. Fitting then that a random search for football phraseology threw up Oppenheimer and their shiny gem ‘Only Goal And Winner’, this act are the true heirs to the Ash juggernaut which has completely stalled of late (or at least is spluttering uncontrollably). Finger nails, prepare for a right auld seeing to later on. KD

Oppenheimer – Only Goal & Winner

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Year: 2008

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