The Boston Celtics – Send It Out (That Way)

Just another in the long list of bands who couldn’t think of a name for themselves and decided to turn on the telly for inspiration. The Boston Celtics picked the sports news for their eureka moment and somehow it fits as they are confirmed basket cases. ‘Send It Out (That Way)’ is more than a little creepy (the band have a Halloween compilation for free download on their myspace), as if the duo had climbed into a vat of treacle with a poltergeist and forgot to turn off the 8-track. It’s a delicate shuffle really, pockmarked by witty asides and misadventures that are cuter than they are cloying. They are planning a Christmas song for us so I better be very nice to them from now on. KD

The Boston Celtics – Send It Out (That Way)

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Year: 2009

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  1. October 26, 2009

    Nice track. Really grows on you.

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