Starring Me – Parallels Are Endless

Guess there was little point in mourning the death of shoegaze all those years ago when in truth it has continued to thrive in darkened tiny pockets on both sides of the water. The Pains of Being Young At Heart, Mew and M83 have refocused things of late proving that all the doubters were shortsighted after all. Away from the main stage there are even more thrills to be had (if you have not fallen for A Sunny Day In Glasgow or our own South Ambulance you are missing out) like the softly focused Floridians Starring Me who have just released their new 7-track CD ‘Parallels Are Endless’. This is the title track, which manages to conceal its offbeat tendencies in the icing of a tender piece of dreampop cake. KD

Starring Me – Parallels Are Endless

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Year: 2008

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