The Little Philistines – Bus Pass

Sometimes I just look in awe at the several thousand songs that have no plays against their tiny bodies on my hard drive and then I wonder what gold I’ve yet to uncover. My finding the best ones depends on a number of things, mostly the angle at which the mouse pointer decides to fall of a particular night. The Little Philistines used a little ploy to hurry their songs in my direction, a tried and tested technique wherein they mailed me endless drips of information about their current goings-on. I appreciated their updates and courtesy when I barely responded. I also admired from afar their attention to detail (hope that broken toenail has healed Matt) and the absolute periodic nature of their missives. The ploy worked of course when our final encounter sent ‘Bus Pass’ hurtling in my direction. The LPs are from London and are cut from the cloth of a slew of classic British acts. ‘Bus Pass’ is a chaotic affair, spiky post-punk with a real tune it just eclipses the other track (‘Judith Cut My Head Off’) on their current double a-sided single. In what is possibly the worst year for underground music from England that I can remember this is a nice reminder of its glorious adventures of yore. KD

The Little Philistines – Bus Pass

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Year: 2009

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  1. January 21, 2010

    Worst year for underground music? Have you been living under a rock!?
    Must disagree, what, what!

  2. January 21, 2010

    Not at all, just English breaking acts.

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