Verve – Feel

In the early days they made bass sounds like no other group (hats off you relative unknown Simon Jones). Dreamy and psychedelic Verve were on another planet both within and outside the environs of their musical creations. ‘A Storm In Heaven’ was their stunning debut (and far and away their best album) but you have to look a little further back, namely the ‘Verve’ EP, for an indication of their stupendous glory. It had the big hitters in the form of ‘Gravity Grave’, ‘She’s A Superstar’ (their undimmed genuine classic) and ‘A Man Called Sun’ but how’s about a closing track that weaves meticulously along for over 10 minutes. Some drug company might help but lets be content to let the post Christmas buzz work its magic. For some Verve never really occupied the ‘The’ and would never again reach the lofty heights of their early manoeuvres. Success while nice brought compromise which ultimately meant the shine turned a greyer shade of dull. They were once immense. KD

Verve – Feel

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Year: 1992

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  1. Anonymous
    April 29, 2010

    I remember listening to this alone in the terrace. Surrounded by the city.

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