Hjaltalin – Traffic Music

Oh Hjaltalín, where have you been all my life or at least since 2007 when it seems your ‘Sleepdrunk Seasons’ LP was released? Could have done with the brightness, the cascading waterfall of bumbly noise that gushes from tunes like ‘Traffic Music’. This is wildly eclectic stuff from the Icelandic troupe but is styled in such a way that sets it free from accusations of arty fartyness. No, this smells, feels and sounds very palatable even for those not inclined to stray too far from Simon Cowell’s retched bag of tricks. This is music designed to make you happy, its twitches so well timed it may even make sense of a world that is utterly confusing most of the time. KD

Hjaltalín – Traffic Music

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Year: 2007

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