The Selfish Replicators – Strands

Oh the intrigue, an email with fwd in its subject line denoting that it was sent as an afterthought or ended in my inbox in a sullied second-hand way. The innards consisted of a solitary line and an appended tune which if it hadn’t sounded like a classy Swedish Grizzly Bear from the mid-eighties would not have stood a chance. This ‘covert side project’ certainly has legs and no amount of cold trails (cute blank myspace page fellas and I’m crap at anagrams) is going to detract from it. The revelation may or may not come but the Selfish Replicators ‘Strands’ has at the very least left an indelible mark in this tiny corner of cyberspace. I’m guessing Sincerely Yours already has plans to sign them by the close of the weekend. KD

The Selfish Replicators – Strands

More Info: Emptyspace
Year: 2010

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