His & Her Vanities – New Designs

Most balanced Pavement fans will probably miss the connection but I listen to ‘New Designs’ and all I hear is ‘Unfair’. Probably a bit silly anyway to compare any band to Malkmus and Co. because there can only be one loser. That said I am spending much of this evening gorging on a host of free tracks given away by the Madison act and it is providing muchos pleasure. ‘The Mighty Lunge’, their 3rd album, was released late last year and ‘New Designs’ is probably its most incandescent member. The chords are so throat grabbing you might initially choke at their bludgeoning velvet hammer directness, thankfully they are sweetly turned out and act as a perfect foil for the vocals that spill from Ricky Reimer’s mouth. Towards the end the jigsaw finally falls into place and I get lost in the foothills of my pride. KD

His & Her Vanities – New Designs

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Year: 2009

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